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Teacher Nominations
Due February 8th!!

Who is eligible?

Females who will complete 7th grade by June 2024

Who can nominate?

Math or science teachers, guidance counselors, or school principals who know of the student's interest and aptitude for STEM.  Home-schooled student's may be nominated by a parent but must submit a reference letter from a non-related adult.

How many can I nominate?

The maximum number of nominees per school is five (5).  Please communicate other teachers from your school to agree on the nominees.

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Who is a good Tech Trek Nominee?

  • We are looking students who would benefit from an immersive STEM experience.  Perhaps a student clearly shows an interest in STEM, but seems hesitant or unsure of her place or abilities.  These students can benefit from the confidence that Tech Trek offers.

  • We are also looking for students who have exhibit leadership potential in STEM In other words, we are looking for a mix of students - some may be STEM superstars (great opportunity for them to develop leadership skills) and some may need some extra support.

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