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Coming to Tech Trek?

What to expect at Tech Trek!


1. You will live in a UAH residence hall just like a UAH college student!  The residence halls are 'suite' style with 4 individual bedrooms, two shared bathrooms, and one shared common area.  Each student has their own bedroom and shares a bathroom with one other girl.  The common area has a refrigerator, a microwave, and a sink as well as some seating.

2. Tech Trek provides all meals and snacks while at camp.  Breakfast will be served at the residence hall and includes a variety of items including cereal, pastries, breakfast sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, juice and milk.  Lunches and dinners will either be catered or served at the UAH Cafe.  All meals will meet the girls dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, and allergy free options.  Snacks are available several times a day and will also meet dietary requirements. 

Each girl will be asked to bring their favorite water bottle from home to fill throughout the day.  Girls are also welcome to bring snacks and drinks to keep in their suite.

3. Expect to walk - A LOT!  For field trips and events off-campus, we will use Huntsville City school buses operated by a licensed bus-driver.

4. We work hard and we have fun.  Be prepared for both!  You should expect to be tired at the end of the day and use the "lights out" to sleep.   We encourage students to bring an alarm clock.

5.  Phones are off-limits except for short periods of time at night to call home.  Be ready to give up your phone when you arrive at Tech Trek.  Your counselor will keep them safe and distribute them at approved times.

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